Should you have a real estate professional on your side when building a new home? What about when buying land? Absolutely.

Maywright Property Co. has great relationships with many quality builders across central Indiana. We also work to evaluate land prices for our clients and make sure that the numbers make sense.

If you bring a real estate professional in at the beginning of your build process, a builder will compensate your broker at no additional cost to you. Most times, buyer’s brokers are compensated out of a builder’s marketing budget, as strong relationships make builders’ jobs easier and bring them more buyers.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to have professional representation on your side. We love to help negotiate terms, upgrades and incentives; advise on selections for optimal resale; and recommend necessary inspections. Most people don’t think to inspect their new builds, but it matters. No home, even brand new, is perfect. And the same goes for land; inspections matter.